About Us

Robert Was Here

Everything you need to know; those first-thought questions answered.

Who Is Robert

Robert is a Chapman Alumni who hated doing his laundry and was tired of living in countless dirty environments throughout his college years. Based on his own experience, he wanted to create a system for house cleaning and laundry that was outside of the traditional businesses he had seen while being affordable at the same time. Therefore, he came up with a subscription plan which would best fit people’s lifestyles and tight schedules.

Our Mission

 We do the tasks that you don’t want to do so that you can focus on the more important ones.

Your trust in us is very important, which is why we offer quick cancellations via call or text if you don’t feel that we are a good fit.


What We Do

We provide quick, simple, and responsive customer service and pay close attention to detail.

We are a licensed business and all of our cleaners are insured and have been background checked.

Whats the next step?

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